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Psychiatrist Dr. Alberto Rodriguez Quiroga

Dr. Alberto Rodriguez Quiroga received bilingual education from the age of three at Kensington School of Madrid. He is a physician specialized in Psychiatry, and has dedication and extensive experience in treating children, adolescents and adults suffering from anxiety, psychotic problems, mood disorders, eating disorders and dysfunctional personality traits.

He has many years of experience working in an international setting at SINEWS, specifically working with expatriate clients (mainly American and English). 

He completed his training in psychotherapy with specific training from an integrative perspective (Master of Integrative Psychotherapy), in order to combine his expertise in psychopharmacology with his interest in providing care to his patients beyond the simple prescription. His approach to medical treatment has a special focus on minimizing the use of medication.

He currently balances his clinical practice at SINEWS with his research in the area of ​​mental illness at one of the leading Spanish centers (Gregorio Marañón Hospital).

SINEWS Multilingual Therapy Institute.

SINEWS is a private practice of Mental Health Professionals in Madrid specializing in the following areas:

Counseling and Psychology - kids, adults, couples


Speech Therapy



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