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Mr Quijote

Authentic artisan products from the region of Castilla de la Mancha. Bringing together an enormous array of high quality artesan products in one place. Free deliverys throughout the peninsula with our exclusive Q-box

Mr Quijote was created in 2013 by Jesús and Veronica.

Jesús, originally from Toledo and lover of products from the Castilla de la Mancha, together with Veronica, publicist and graphic designer,  decided to launch this entrepreneurial initiative, bringing together the public at large and the traditional artisan products from the land of Don Quijote.

We have gift box sets available  which are lovingly prepared bringing together some of the most authentic tastes of the Castilla de la Mancha region. All packaged in a modern,  eye pleasing "Q- box".

 The Q-box is an ideal gift for business contacts, friends or family. The Q-box will be appreciated whoever is the recipient.

Mr. Quijote presently sell and distribute artisan products nationally throughout Spain and Europe. Their products include; Traditional artisan cheeses, regional wines, typical pastries and locally brewed artisan beers

Mr. Quijote has just launched a new range of its own exclusive cream liquors including, rice pudding liquor and very soon we will be launching our own Vermut.

All our products are available online for your convenience http://mrquijote.com/


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2 years ago