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InterHigh is the UK’s only online Independent Secondary School and Sixth Form College providing a high standard of education to students worldwide: an English National Curriculum from home has never been more accessible or affordable. 

InterHigh is an online secondary school offering provision for students age 10-19 with over 600 students on roll. Over 10 years InterHigh has educated over 1,600 students providing them with a broad academic and learning foundation for future success. In 2015 69% of student IGCSE grades were at A*-C and 37% were A*-A . Around half of students studying A-Levels move on to studying at their chosen university securing a mode grade of an Upper Second Class Honours Degree. As a result students have achieved wide success in their educational, vocational and career choices on graduating.

All our teachers are fully qualified and have many years teaching experience. Several have been department heads or Deputy Head Teachers before moving to our online school. All are expert in delivering exceptional teaching and learning within an online environment. To find out more visit us at: www.InterHigh.co.uk/

“We've lived in Spain for five years and our two children, son(15) and daughter (14), went to primary school in the village, which they loved. But when they went to secondary school here, neither could really get to grips with it. We looked at private schools but didn't think even the expensive ones were any good. Then we found out about InterHigh and decided to give their system a try.

Since they joined, they have been far happier. They have made a lot of progress because the lessons are more concentrated and there are no distractions. They are getting wonderful grades and they really get a buzz when they see them come through on the computer. Both of them will stay with InterHigh to take their GCSEs.

From our point of view as parents, we think the standards of teaching are very good, and we like the idea that our children can simply get up in the morning and get on with their lessons without leaving the house. We would recommend InterHigh to anybody.” 


1 year ago