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Horadada Consulting

Translation services for attending Police Stations and Guardia Civil to make a report. Paperwork for driving licenses, padron, NIE, resident cards, social security number. Specialist medical appointments from Torrevieja to Cartagena. 

English/Spanish Interpreter & Legal Consultant based in Pilar de la Horadada.

Qualifications available.

Translation services:Police Stations and Guardia Civil: We need the assitance of an interpreter to make a report at police station(car theft, burglaries, etc)
PaperworkDriving Licenses, Padron, NIE, Resident cards, Social Security Number and any kind of procedures (Schools, Town Halls, Electric Companies, Tax Office, etc)Health Centres and Hospitals: interpreting at any place from Torrevieja to Cartagena, making appointments, speaking to Specialists, GPs and nurses.


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1 year ago