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Sitting on the summit of central Europe, this landlocked confederation and birthplace of Roger Federer and the Rolex oozes effortless style. You can expect to find a quality of life second-to-none in its two largest cities, Geneva and Zurich, which boast a rich cultural agenda, acclaimed gastronomy and prowess in finance and banking.

Switzerland has four official languages, from which Swiss German is by far the most widely spoken, followed by French. With lakes, mountains and forests abundant here, expats have a range of outdoor activities to choose from. Unlike the countries that surround it, Switzerland is not part of the EU, and governs its 26 cantons through a form of direct government.

Did you know


The Carthingian general, Hannibal, is famous for dragging his army over the top of the Alps to invade Italy in 218 BC. If only he'd waited 2000 years longer - he could have gone under them! That would be thanks for the Gottham high speed rail link. This tunnel, which is the longest and deepest in the world, was built by the Swiss in 2016 and passes directly under the mountain range.