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Helvetia International SA

Offering you independent financial advice to ensure the best Mortgage deal for your circumstances, and help you though the entire process to a successful outcome. 

Helvetica International are a group of  independent financial advisors with more than 100 years cumulated extensive experience and active in French speaking Switzerland and neighboring France.

We help our clients in organizing and/or solving your financial problems.

Property financing can be an intimidating process, but we guide and accompany you through each step from the beginning till the end, thus making it as easy as possible to understand.

We maintain a totally neutral stance in our analyses and guarantee you maximum confidentiality with respect to all information received from you.

Buying your home in Switzerland : - If you would like to know :

• How much could I borrow ? 

• What deposit do I need ? 

•What are the best mortgage rates available ?

• How much would my repayments be ?

• How much tax relief do I get on my payments ?

As your personal advisers for property financing, we 

•analyze your financial capacity/situation

•elaborate a financing plan with fiscal optimization 

•accompany you through the whole process

•propose the ideal financing partner

•arrange/negotiate the financing conditions

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