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Full Details in the Business Directory

As a client with an advert, you have the facility to add more information and images (including up to 6 logos and images) to support your directory advertising products.

This information appears on a second page accessed by clicking on Full Details in the contact detail box.

This is a real benefit to directory advertisers as this page can include relevant and useful information that cannot fit in the main description box - Where there are only 250 characters available.

It is a page which can be printed out by a potential user/customer for reference.

The best way to use the Full Details is to add just that information relevant to your user base.

For example:

Clear address instructions Opening times A fuller description of some of the services Testimonials

It is essential that you do not copy and paste information from your website.

All Angloinfo content MUST be original. 

=> Simply send your account manager a document with the information you wish to have and up to 6 images in JPG format. Let us know which picture will be the main one!

We reserve the right to modify your text to match our editorial rules and policies.



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