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InterSoccer Sarl

Fun Tot, Mini & After School Football plus Weekend courses for children from 2-13 years old, Boys & Girls of all levels welcome. Holiday Camps thoughout the year, plus Football Birthday Parties. All info on www.intersoccer.ch

InterSoccer Sarl

InterSoccer provides Football Courses & Camps for Girls & Boys of all abilities between 2-13 years old. It is a great way to have fun playing football, whilst learning new skills, techniques & making new friends. Please see www.intersoccer.ch for all information & bookings.

Football Courses

Courses run per term & include, Tot Soccer (2-3 yrs), Mini Soccer (3-5yrs), After School (5-13yrs) & Academy (9-13yrs) plus Girls only courses. Every week, sessions concentrate on a specific skill to insure that at the end of the term, everyone becomes a good all-around football player. The older children also receive an evaluation at the beginning & end of the term, in order to track their progress. We also run specific sessions for Goalkeepers & Girls.

Weekend Football

Our Weekend Soccer sessions are either Saturday or Sunday morning, depending on the region, and consist of fun small-sided matches that are split into three categories. Mini Soccer (3-4/5yrs), Fun Footy (5-7yrs) & Soccer League 8-12yrs).  

Football Holiday Camps

Camps are held during most of the school holidays including Summer, Autumn & Easter Camps. Camps are usually Monday to Friday, you can join for 1,2 3 or more days for maximum flexibility. It is a fun way to spend your holidays, staying active, playing football & meeting lots of new friends. We also do specialist camps including Girls only & Goalkeeper Camps.


Courses & Camps run at multiple locations around Switzerland including, Geneva, Echenevex, Versoix, Founex, Gland, Morges, Vevey, Lausanne, Montreux, Zurich, Zug & Basel

Birthday Parties

InterSoccer organises some fantastic football & multisport birthday parties for Boys & Girls aged 3-13 of all abilities. We host parties throughout the year with our excellent indoor facilities available during the coldest months! Please get in touch if you would like further information: birthdayparties@intersoccer.ch


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