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Helvetic Payroll

Helvetic Payroll is Switzerland’s leading umbrella and payroll provider for external staff. With over 400 employed consultants working across Switzerland, we offer contractors the freedom of a freelancer, combined with all the social protections of a traditional employee.

Are you a contractor with an assignment in Switzerland, but you’re not officially considered independent by the AVS/AHV and you don’t have your own limited company? Helvetic Payroll offers umbrella services: taking on the administrative burden, so you can concentrate on your business.

How it works?

Your potential client needs your services, but taking you on internally isn’t an option – perhaps due to headcount restraints, the limited duration, or the nature of the service. You negotiate your rate and the deliverables, the duration, the payment terms and leave the administration to Helvetic Payroll.

Helvetic Payroll employs you and invoices your client for your services, based on a timesheet, milestones, or even a fixed monthly amount. We take care of your work permit, deduct all the mandatory social and pension contributions, insurances, and tax-at-source and pay you a salary based on the invoiced amount.

Transparent, simple, 100% digital, super-reactive and compliant: Helvetic Payroll offers among the best net retention ratios in the market.

Interested? Visit our website or call Mike  to get your salary simulation today.

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