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Acorns to Oaks Educational Resources

A professional learning Centre with educational materials for children, books and materials for parents, and development resources for teachers in education and special education. View the product range at our Sukhumvit centre.

ATOC is a well-resourced learning centre nesting in a quiet soi off Sukhumvit Road catering mainly for learners from 18 months to 18 years of age. Well renowned for quality developmental and educational assessments.  

ATOC consultants will help you to understand your childs unique profile and will then work with you and the school to optimise your childs learning. 

ATOC provides opportunities for learning enhancement as well as specialist programmes for children with specific learning difficulties.

Experienced consultants and therapists work with children at the centre on a wide variety of programmes, from enhancing academic English in non-native English speakers, providing speech therapy, to systematically teaching a child with different learning needs. Specialists are available to work with children with delayed or disordered development to maximize skills and minimize the impact on learning. 

Students are encouraged to focus on their targets and to see it as a part of the educational process rather than believing that they need ‘special help’. In addition to full time placement, some children attend after school and on Saturdays.

ATOC believes in the ability of every child to learn successfully, and takes a holistic approach working through strengths to overcome challenges. We believe that at ATOC we can: 

Build a child’s confidence by helping him to believe in himself, develop his skills, and work on his self image as a valued individual. Succeed because we employ qualified educators, quality resources, and have specific targets.  Help students to think critically using an approach that enables them to observe, reflect, evaluate, explain, and reason. Increase a child’s capacity to learn and develop his academic readiness and achievement. Help young children to speak with oral therapy, speech and language training, and, when required, picture systems, signing and specialised computer software. 

 80 Soi Patanavej 12, Sub Soi Pridibanomyong 14, Sukhumvit Soi 71, Wattana, Bangkok 10110


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