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Vietnam is a natural park as a whole and a truly diamond in the rough. Its rustic and natural landscapes, rice fields, openhearted people, unbelievable coffee and well-known cuisine distinctive for its fresh vegetables and seafood will make you enter an unimaginable experience! Vietnam is not only a country of war memories, it is also filled by joyful people, wonderful beaches and all-year-round local festivals. This country has an extensive history, rich tradition and Buddhist influence perceptible in its people.

Above and beyond, in the past three years alone, a growing number of businesses have relocated their operations to Vietnam. Located in a strategic position for foreign companies, this country is an ideal export hub to reach other Asian markets. Vietnam is full of opportunities for Expats who are keen to bloom in a place where prosperity is clearly starting to be present.

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Legend has it that the peoples of this land originated from a union between an immortal Chinese princess and The Dragon Lord of the Seas.