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Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers

PoliceTel: 113
Tel: 114
AmbulanceTel: 115

Useful Numbers

Directory AssistanceTel: 116
International OperatorTel: 110
TimeTel: 117

Emergency Words and Terminology

Accidenttai nạn
I have had an accidentTôi đã có một tai nạn
InjuredBị thương
UnconsciousBất tỉnh
Bleedingchảy máu
Heart attackĐau tim
Strokeđột quỵ
DrowningChết đuối
Very sickbệnh nặng
In labour/having contractionstrong lao động/có co thắt
I am in labourtôi đang đi làm
Need a doctorCần một bác sĩ
Need an ambulanceCần một xe cứu thương
The house is on firengôi nhà đang cháy
The car is on fireChiếc xe đang cháy
I am being burgledtôi bị trộm
Someone is in the houseAi đó đang ở trong nhà
Emergencytrường hợp khẩn cấp
Help megiúp tôi
Help!Cứu giúp

Personal Crises, Embassies and Passports

The Consular office of the Embassy of a foreign national in Vietnam has the responsibility - and the facilities - to provide help and information to a citizen in distress. This may be as a result of being a victim of crime, arrested on suspicion of committing a crime, serious illness, the unexpected death of a partner or spouse, as well as help with repatriation after a crisis.

Consular offices also provide help in the case of a lost or stolen passport.